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   Tooscoolnwa blog is a place where you get full knowledge on how to make money, both online and physical exchange of goods and services, this is where you get the full knowledge of how the money system works as we all know that saving money is loosing it 

                                                             WHAT !!!

        oh you don`t know, now follow this blog  to get the full knowledge of financials education in order to build your wealth now. 

   A wise business  man always tells him self that I will rather build a business in 5 years than to retire at the age of 45 and still remain broke.

  Cause if you truly love your children build a business they can possess from you when you are gone not a job they will never inherit from you.

    I HAVE a big daddy mentor who I on YouTube, Facebook I always try my best to meet up with all his program, he goes by the name Robert Kiyosaki popularly known as RICH DAD he is an entrepreneur and the best  selling author on his books of how to be financially free.

he always educate his fans and followers on Financials education 

  with other mentors I have too, Steve courage, Ubong king and so on stay tune with this blog as I bless you with posts of wisdom, knowledge of making money, which will help you in life. 

                                                         Remain blessed 

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