MOCPED School Anthem


 MOCPED School Anthem

       Stanza 1

      Oh hail Mocped, the center of professional excellence 

      Domiciled in Lagos the center of excellence 

      A fountain found ninety four fortified with knowledge,

      by talented and tender hearted tutors 

      Let us jointly hail our fountain our master piece 

      long live Mocped  

      Long live Lagos state. 

      stanza 2

      The little lad of yester years in now 

      The mother of lieges in all loft of life, 

       we shall forever represent you 

       In sincere service, to humanity 

       in sincere service, to humanity      

       Let us jointly hail our fountain our master piece 

       Long live great Mocped 

       Long live Lagos state. 

      To know more of MOCPED college of education and its also an affiliate to some universities like U.I, EKSU and so on. On the following, 

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  • TETFund
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